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Door repairs and replacements


We are proud to offer a broad range of services to our clients

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Our prompt, dedicated team is committed to providing our Sydney clients with effective and comprehensive door repairs and replacements

Whether you require general upkeep to increase the efficiency and longevity of your doors, a full door replacement, or emergency repairs to ensure the safe and secure function of your doors, you can count on ASQB to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


Strata door glazing


Our fully qualified glaziers offer the best in glass and safety solutions, from on the spot window repairs, to retrofits, window glass restorations and replacements.


Signs that you may require a window glass replacement

  • Broken or cracked glass

  • Poor energy rating glass


No matter the size or complexity of the job, we are always on hand to expertly and efficiently glaze and install glass of all types, sizes and thicknesses, whilst maintaining our commitment to window safety compliance (where required).


This service is suited to:  

All window types

Emergency door glazing


In an emergency, ASQB understands the true urgency of glass and window repairs, moving fast to replace broken or non-compliant glass, which may threaten the safety and security of your property.
Our speedy glaziers can perform on the spot window glass replacements, or, if your window has specialised glazing requirements, we will ensure the window is boarded up and made safe while awaiting the supply of your bespoke glass replacement.
This service is suited to:  
All window types

Door installations


ASQB service technicians are skilled and experienced at installing brand new, or replacing old timber doors, including the installation of all required hardware.
This service is suited to:
All door types

Door track capping


The installation of a stainless-steel track capping is a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire door frame when the door track has become worn or damaged.

Signs that your door tracks need reviving:

  • Doors are difficult to slide open/closed

  • There is friction between the door and track because the rail has worn down. Typically, you can visually see the distorted shape of the rail or metal shavings within the track


This service is suited to:

Aluminium and timber sliding doors*


*Not all sliding doors can accommodate door track capping. Contact Us for further information

Leaking door repairs


Over time you may find that your door seals shrink or deteriorate, and that water is not draining away from your door track properly.

Signs that you have leaking doors that require repairing:

  • Water is entering your home via the door and/or door track


Our team can replace rubber seals and weather strips to increase the energy efficiency of your doors, and ensure they are keeping out water. Repairing any water drainage problems will also avoid longer term damage to your home.


This service is suited to:

All door types

Door hardwear replacements


It is very common for door hardware to deteriorate over time due to weather exposure, and frequent use. This may impact the functionality of your doors and the ease with which you are able to open/close them.

Signs that you require a door hardware replacement:

  • Missing or broken hardware parts

  • Dilapidated parts

  • Doors are not functioning as intended

  • Issues opening/closing your doors


Our service technicians can replace door closers, locks, handles and hinges, or any other general door hardware you require


This service is suited to:

All door types

Dilapidation reporting


This service includes:

  • Entry into each unit/home  

  • A thorough condition inspection and report on each door within

  • A formulated report detailing the findings, including photographs of all doors inspected

  • An obligation free quotation on any maintenance repairs, or replacements, that are required to rectify the issues

For further information, Contact ASQB with your requirements

The service is suited to:

All door types

Draught proofing


Doors are renowned for letting in a draught, this is particularly noticeable in the cooler months.

Signs that our draught proofing service may benefit your doors:​

  • You can feel the cold draught from outside coming through your doors

Draught proofing your doors will provide the following benefits

  • Keeps warm air in to help reduce your energy bills

  • Stops water & dust ingress

  • Helps to reduce the sound of outside noise

This service is suited to:
Swinging doors, french doors, sliding doors, timber doors, aluminium doors

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Door Repairs and Maintenance: Services
Window sealing, mohair strips and weather strips


Everyday door use, and exposure to natural elements, will wear the seals down over time

Signs that it’s time to replace your weather and mohair strips:

  • Draught entering via doors

  • Rattling doors

  • Dust and dirt entering via doors


Having weather & mohair strips replaced will result in your home being more energy efficient without the loss of heat in winter, and cool air in summer.

This service is suited to:

All door types

door roller replacement


Frequent use and weather exposure will cause rollers to become brittle, and break, over time

Signs that your doors need a roller replacement:

  • Doors are difficult to slide open/closed

  • Friction is evident between the door sash and track


A roller replacement will allow your doors to glide smoothly, opening and closing with ease.

This service is suited to:

Aluminium and timber sliding windows

Door closer repairs and replacements


With frequent use, door closers can wear out and become inefficient at stopping your door from slamming shut.

Signs that your door closer needs a service, or replacement:

  • Door closer is out of time and no longer slowing down the closure of heavier doors

  • Your doors are slamming shut

  • Your door doesn’t close tightly all the way and remains ajar


This service is suited to:

Aluminium and timber swinging doors

Need something that isn't listed here? Contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist

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Strata door repairs and replacements
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